Ten things I would tell my younger self with Wanda Roberson

It is always a pleasure to meet someone who is so comfortable in their own skin and loves who God has created them to be.  What an honour it has been to get to know Wanda Roberson. One nearly feels like any summary of her or her life cannot do justice to this multifaceted, charismatic and compelling Christ-follower. But that did not discourage us from peeking in on what a coffee break with her younger self from ten years ago would look like.

Wanda Roberson
Wanda Roberson

What is your current job?

I’m Vice-president and Finance Administrator of Tri-Source International, Inc, an international Oil and Gas Consultancy firm. I’m also founder/ director of Wanda Roberson Ministries. I’m a wife, mother of five grown children, Meme (grandmother) to seven, and a Pastor’s Wife, Minister and business woman. I’m currently serving as Church/Finance Administrator of The EmPowerment Center.

If you were to go back 10 years and meet with a younger Wanda, what are the ten things you would want her to know?

I will need to go back further than ten years to instruct my younger self. Ten years ago I was 46 years old and pretty much settled into whom I am today. But these are the ten things:

1. Cherish and cultivate your relationship with God

It’s through intimacy that you will be able to navigate hard times. Spend time getting to know Father God, not just seeking His hand but seeking His face.

2. Prioritize, Prioritize, and Prioritize!

Prioritizing your life will foster maturity and help you stay focused on what’s important. My priorities flow in this order: God first, husband, children, career/job, church.

3. Build a strong martial foundation early on

My relationship with my husband supercedes every other relationship, except that with God. In order to maintain the proper balance, invest time and energy into your relationship… Become friends, from the beginning, and get to know one another beyond the surface. After all, the children will grow-up, and move on with their lives. Friends will come and go, and jobs/careers will fade away over time. So it’s good to deposit into your marriage now what you want to withdraw later!

4. Know your purpose and stay focused in fulfilling it

Purpose isn’t a goal it’s the reason you exist. One of the detriments of being multi-talented/gifted is that it’s very easy to get side tracked at doing other things because you do them well. Purpose will keep you focused with what you’re called to do. Purpose will establish boundaries around your life. Purpose will drive you to keep going when you want to quit. Purpose will keep the vision alive in the night season.

5. Don’t take life too serious!

Forest Gump said “Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you’re going to get inside”. Learn to roll with the punches and laugh at yourself. It’s really not that serious!

6. Your career/job is an occupation, it shouldn’t define who you are or determine your self-worth

The title you carry, the degree you’ve earned, the position you hold shouldn’t define who you are. You are defined by the word of God says you are.

7. Give, Give and keep on Giving!

The greatest joy anyone can have is to have a heart to give. Giving isn’t confined to money! Give of your resources, time, energy, love, friendship, wisdom, and knowledge. What you need the most is what you give, and as you give; you will receive at the point of your need.

8. Be a Mentor!

Always have someone that you’re mentoring, as well as someone that is mentoring you. In my early years I wasn’t fortunate to have a mentor and I constantly looked for someone to mentor me. Until someone said to me, “be what you desire”. I then began to mentor small groups of young ladies at a time, and from there developed a mentoring program. It was the most rewarding and challenging time. However, it taught me so much about myself.

9. Don’t compare yourself to others!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your are unique, learn to appreciate every aspect of who you are… your wide hips, big lips, full figure, small frame, curly hair, dark skin, light skin..You are you- there is no one else with the same DNA. So learn to like the you that you are.

10. Let go of the Past!

You can’t change the past. Your past failure, mistakes, disappointments, and hurts, don’t define you. Build from it, and not dwell on it. Forget those things that are behind, and run toward your future.

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About Wanda Roberson

Wanda Roberson
Wanda Roberson

Wanda Roberson is Vice-president and Finance Administrator of Tri-Source International, Inc, an international Oil and Gas Consultancy firm. She is married to David, a mother of five grown children, Meme (grandmother) to seven, and a Pastor’s Wife, Minister and business woman. She is anointed to preach, teach, and prophecy with power, skill and grace. her message is one of hope, encouragement, inspiration and deliverance. As a Prophet, she has traveled the globe (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Canada and the United kingdom) equipping churches in the prophetic, lay apostolic/prophetic foundation, and bring fullness of God’s strength, and wisdom to His people.
She is Founder and President of Wanda Roberson Ministries (WRM). WRM is a multi-faceted international ministry designed to train, and develop people for the end time harvest, minister to the emotional and social/economic needs of women around the globe, and serve the Body of Christ through Mentorship Programs, Leadership Training, Conferences, Retreats, and Prophetic Conferences. WRM also launched an international School of the Prophets in Johannesburg, South Africa. She also currently serves as Church/Finance Administrator of The EmPowerment Center.

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