Rethinking out of town work trips

LV SuitcaseThis is the first in a series entitled Take Back Time. Time is at a premium. I often tell people I can get over money being wasted easier then I can get over time being wasted. This series is about rethink some activities so that you can get maximum benefit out of how you spend your time.

At one point in my career I got so busy with flying around for work that it felt like every area of my life was suffering. Once upon  a time the glamour of flying around for business had been incredibly appealing but that was a looooooong time ago and since  then I have had a husband and five children. I felt guilty about being out of town and just felt stressed and wound up tight till I got back. I would call home and hear a child screaming in the background and feel so helpless or my husband’s tired voice would just rip at my heart. Well God helped me see these times in a completely different way. Firstly I made peace with these trips. They were for a season and I knew that they would be an important part of my job when I took on the job. Once you are over this hurdle then 80% of the work is done. I then began to see my family as capable individuals and not a helpless bunch waiting for me to rescue them from themselves. I stopped torturing myself with what they had eaten, making sure they got to bed on time or if they were clean and happy. There was a responsible adult at home and I needed to let him be that and trust that he would do okay. Ofcourse if there are real emergencies I respond appropriately.

I started using these trips to do uninterrupted reading, studying, thinking, spending some desperately needed me time, sleeeeeeeeeepppppppping and having hot dates with the Lord or even Hubby. Sometimes my family or just Hubby was able to accompany me.

Typically when I am out of town all the prep work for the trip, presentations and packs have been done and sent off before I arrive.  Because meetings can end late I normally book in the night of the meeting too, especially if I am not sure how things can end and fly back the next morning or on the last flight out. Once my work for the day is done I give myself the evening off and do anything from dinner by myself to shopping or visit the spa at the hotel for some much needed kneading. On the odd trip to places I would not normally visit I have managed to sneak in visits to the local museums, galleries and places of historical interest.

So be sure to remember that we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28. We pray that God gives you keys to rethinking your out of town trips.

How are you rethinking out of town trips? Leave us a comment below.

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