OPM (Other Peoples Miracles)

Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/freedigitalphotos.net
Image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/freedigitalphotos.net

In a recent post on Facebook, Bishop TD Jakes asked why people would go to church if they do not believe in miracles. This brings Matthew 19:26 into perspective for me. Statements like this one also tend to make me introspective to the point of discomfort because I cannot deny or forget that I have read or heard them. My discomfiture however, was fortuitous and here is why.
Assuming that you believe in miracles, do you believe that miracles are something that happen to other people like Jesus, Moses, Benny Hinn and those that attend his conferences? If you do, let me just say that I fully understand. You are not alone.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a miracle as: “an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency”. My own version of this definition is that, a miracle can be defined as God allowing an event that is commonly, and carnally considered impossible, to occur.
As Christians, the miracles we often hear about are people being healed from chronic illnesses, people that are raised from the dead and many others. Though we often hear about miracles, do we actually believe in miracles happening in our own lives? In other words, do we believe in the impossible?

Consider your own life, have you ever brushed off a word or prophecy as impossible? Are you reluctant to nurture a talent provided to you by the Grace of God because you think that success is impossible? You are not alone, even Moses was initially extremely reluctant to heed God’s call to free the Israelites from Egypt. I believe that Moses was reluctant because his current circumstances really did correlate with what God was calling him to do. However by Moses listening to and obeying God, a series of miraculous events occurred that eventually led to the Israelites gaining their freedom.
Most Christians, like Moses (initially), are inclined to believe in and reason on the basis of what they can see, hear, taste and feel. We therefore tend to put limitations on God by praying about things that we view as having a high probability of occurring. Our focus in meditation and prayer is thus on the possible not the impossible. This, I am realizing more and more, is contrary to God’s word.

Isaiah 55:11 (NIV) says: “… so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

In the midst of all the miracles performed by Jesus Christ, I do not ever recall reading that He was surprised that God actually allowed the miracle to happen. I remember Christ expressing His thanks to God, but never surprised at what God was able to do. Miracles were the norm to Christ because He trusted God’s abilities to grant them. Do you know that we, as Christians also have the same anointing as Christ (1 John 14:7)? Furthermore, God abides in us (1 John 4:2).
So what stops us from achieving the impossible that has been placed in our hearts? I would say lack of faith in Gods abilities and Grace. Faith by definition (Heb 11:1) requires you to believe in the impossible despite your current circumstances. I have found the primary influence in my ability to believe in the impossible that God has placed in my heart is His word. The more I meditate on His word, the more I am able to comprehend who I am as a Christian and what God has in store for me. I have not moved any mountains yet, but I am beginning to believe more and more in the impossible.

Instead of living vicariously through other people’s miraculous testimonies, I encourage you to meditate on, pray, trust and believe the impossible that God has placed in your heart. Do this irrespective of the circumstances in your personal life or your career. Miracles are not only for other people to benefit from. They are important components of the abundant life we have been called to live.

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Gladys Chandia is a project manager and co-founder of Notable Beginnings Consulting (NBC). NBC provides business development and business linkages (FDI facilitation) services for companies that wish to penetrate new markets on the African continent. For more information email gladys@notablebeginningss.com

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