10 Things I would Tell My Younger Self with Grace Olukune

In 2013 TWFG caught up with amazing woman of God, Grace Olukune and we did the amazing interview below. Grace is a Chief Engineer at an international power supplier and distributor, wife, mother and pastor at her local church. We asked her to set the scene for where she is now, was 10 years ago and about the 10 things she would tell her younger, twenty something self, if she could hop into a time machine and have coffee with her. More recently we updated her interview here on YouTube but the timeless nature of her conversation with her younger self remains.

Image courtesy of nuttakit/freedigitalphotos.net
Image courtesy of nuttakit/freedigitalphotos.net

How would you describe your current job?

I integrate people across all engineering disciplines, processes, and the technology required for delivering a quality product.

10 years ago where were you in your career, family life and what headspace would you say you were in?

10 years ago I was finishing a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. I wasn’t married, but I broke up with the man I loved because I really believed God’s path was different from what we had planned together. We are married now. We got back together 2 years later, thanks to God’s divine intervention, and have been married now for over 5 years with two handsome little boys. We are both where God wants us to be and I have achieved more than I ever thought possible.

What 10 things would you tell your younger self?

1. Know God and hold on to Him! Your life’s path and purpose depends on it. Any other path will have more heartache and issues than you really need: Life is hard enough!

2. Find a life mentor/coach; someone older who you would like to be like when you are older… Someone you are willing to listen to and who cares about you as a person in every aspect.

3. Pursue your passions. They will help you find your calling and purpose.

4. Live a healthy lifestyle. Something sustainable that can carry you through life.

5. Sex is overrated! It’s amazing ONLY in the context of marriage. Any other place sex is glorified is a complete farce!

6. Be true to who you are… It starts by knowing who you are. The journey of identity is life-saving. Identity is a journey of knowing God, and knowing who you are IN Him.

7. Never presume to be better or greater than anyone else! The best lessons are learnt from those who have less… They give more than what money could ever buy. “The same people you meet on the way up, are the same people you meet on your way down”.

8. If you are advancing all by your self and empowering no one… Something is VERY wrong! I have learnt that when I die, there should be more about my life than a mere tombstone. (There’s a tale in Italy that if you lived a life and left a legacy then you don’t need a tombstone. If you need one then it means that you didn’t live with passion and your life amounted to nothing. No legacy!) There should be a legacy of a life lived with passion and compassion.

9. Your circumstances do not dictate your destiny. God is more than able to accomplish what concerns you… No matter how dark/bleak your life may seem. Money does not guarantee a future for you. God does.

10. Your career will NEVER be more important than your family.

(Grace added an eleventh one. We could not resist including it.)

11. Enjoy life! Where the Spirit of The Lord is there is freedom. Your expression is unique. As long as you are in His will… Stay calm and have fun!

Grace Olukune

Grace Olukune
Grace Olukune

Grace Olukune is Chief Engineer: Systems Integration at a large, international power supplier and distributor. She oversees engineering design work delivery for all their power stations. She is married with 2 sons and serves as a pastor in the Every Nation family of churches.


Given the opportunity what would you advise your younger self to do differently? What prayers would you pray for them?

  1. Grace, thank you for sharing your life’s lessons so boldly. You are a true inspiration and the words on this page resonated deeply inside my heart – something I really needed right now!

  2. Thank you, Leigh!

    I believe when we turn our challenges and failures into triumphs and success stories then it was worth going through for the sake of sharing with others.

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