Spiral Up & fulfil your God-given destiny – A book review

Last year we interview Dr Nstwaki Mnguni on the 10 things she would tell her younger self if she got the opportunity to go back 10 years and have coffee with her younger self. This inspiring lady created a bit of a buzz and we got requests to know more about her book.

Spiral up & fulfil your God-given destiny

From the back

The purpose of this book is to encourage, challenge and inspire people to fulfil that which God has laid in their hearts to do. Drawing on the Word of God, Ntswaki Mnguni show that God has given us all a destiny as well as the gifts and talents needed to fulfil it. Using lesson from life coaching and the Bible, Ntswaki takes her reader step-by-step through the process of overcoming the challenges on the way to achieving destiny. So, with revived will and determination, feel free to consult this text as your ‘how to’ map for spiralling up and fulfilling your God-given destiny.

Departing from our usual format and not wanting to take her word for it, we asked 4 ladies to comment on the book and what it meant to them after reading it.

Tsakane Hlongwane, entrepreneur and co-owner of Dazzlingswan Hair & Makeup

This book is for anyone who has been procrastinating and put their BIG dreams on hold. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’, now is the time, to fulfil your God given destiny.

As a Christian, I love how she makes constant reference to the Bible, which is our ultimate guide to reach out for what God has for us as his children.
Reading Spiral up, helped me see my purpose a little clearer and gave me the courage to start writing my own book.

There is a chapter titled ‘Make the most of your time’. This chapter stood out the most for me, because I often procrastinate,waiting for the right time. In this chapter she emphasises the importance of taking action quoting Ecclesiastes 11:4 “if you wait until the wind and the weather are just right, you will never plant anything and harvest anything.”.

I like this quote from the book “In the grave there is no execution of work-so the time that we have is Now”.

Mignon Burchell, co-owner CDB Properties and former Public Relations Officer for 12 years 

I would describe Dr Mnguni’s books as insightful, moving and a gracious book. It has given hope, perhaps a calmness in knowing whatever sorrow lies ahead, I’ll be able to look back one day and understand & grow from it & know that somehow this will also be part of the puzzle pieces of my life.

It’s given me almost new purpose to try and find my own destiny and in the process re connect with God.  I realise after reading  her book that I need to take a step back and reflect on my life.  Her step by step explanation on passion, gifts and talents is making the process easier to finding my destiny.

She has helped me to understand and ‘connect’ my life experiences – that the happiness and heartache were all pieces of my life puzzle.

Having lost my father to cancer 3 years ago, I felt that she understood the heartache and finality of death. Yet she managed to dig deep, not get drowned in the sorrow – she let this be part of what shaped her and prepared her for her destiny.  It gives me hope – that at some point this terrible feeling of loss will slowly be replaced with steps towards celebrating the life my dad once had and not get stuck on why he had to get so ill and die.

It offers tools and Scriptures from the Bible that encourages me to face, understand and learn that fear keeps me away from moving forward and that I want to take that next step, find the reason for my existence –give glory to God and live life with no regrets.

Dr Mnguni has inspired me, after reading ‘Spiral up’  I want to break away from the ‘fear of the unknown’ which has paralysed me for so long & stood in my way to finding my destiny.

Mandisa Mzondeki, Independent Consultant  

I believe this book has been written just at the right time – against the backdrop of a confusing world when many people are now trying to make sense of their reason for being. For anybody wanting to make a shift in their lives I would highly recommend studying the principles covered in this book as opposed to merely reading for pleasure.

Iris Thobeko Maboa

After reading the book “Spiral up & fulfil your God given destiny”  I came to the conclusion that it is quite an inspiring piece of writing about a journey that God can take with an individual, with God navigating the route which can only lead to a God purposed destiny. It helps one understand the importance of trusting God on a journey of life even when things don’t make sense.

About the Author

Dr Ntswaki Mnguni
Dr Ntswaki Mnguni

Dr Mnguni works in the youth development sector and finds joy in providing business development support to young people. She is the author of the book Spiral up & fulfil your God-given destiny. She is also a certified Life Coach and has a relentless passion for people development. During her spare time she does inspirational talks and life coaching sessions. She can be contacted on nkiba@hotmail.com.

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