Encouragement Changes Everything

By Jolly Mokorosi

Encouragement Changes EverythingFirstly let me confess that I am a huge John Maxwell fan. I have lost count of how many books I have bought. He might well be able to retire on the proceeds of my purchases. Sometimes when we are in a rut or in constant crisis as leaders we forget about the importance of encouraging and building the people around you. There are some profound quotes and a profound message in this tiny 130 page gift book. I got my copy from Cum Books in Cresta (South Africa) but I am pretty sure you can get it on Amazon or directly from local agents. It took me little over an evening to read (might be shorter for you I had constant interruptions from hubby and baby.

Like many of his books the book is directed at leaders mainly but just about anybody can get something out of reading this book.  The stories I enjoyed the most were about Abraham Lincoln on the day he got shot and an experiment done on monkeys. To reveal the stories is to reveal the book so get your copy. It is worth the boost it gives you and the renewed energy to lead in a manner that puts people before projects and profits because one day we will be accountable to God about how we treated His children.

What actions am I going to take out of this book?

John Maxwell
John Maxwell

I want to share part of this book with the colleagues I work with. I think there are some sold principles here to be learnt. In particular I want to encourage them to thank those who have helped them succeed.

For years I have been meaning to send letters to people who have helped me get to where I am and say thank you. I even bought gifts. They are collecting dust. Anyway I resolve to make it happen this year. Come August 9th (South Africa’s Women’s Day holiday) I will atleast have sent something to the women who have been part of my growth.  Keep me accountable.

I am also reminded that as a parent I need to encourage and as I wife I need to build my husband. I will try to recognise when my children need encouragement not advice (my default factory setting). Infact I was immediately able to see that one of my children needed encouragement as a matter of urgency for the season they were entering and I had gone to factory settings for weeks on end. So I am off to go and encourage.

About the Author

SMokorosi39Jolly is the Founder and CEO of Mokorosi Financial Consulting, in the recent past she was acting CEO of the Municipal Councillors Pension Fund. She has a passion for members’ rights in the pension fund industry and a desire to see women shine in the business arena. She is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she resides with her husband, Sam. They have five children and several pot plants.


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