3 things to remember when you ‘miss the train’

I realised a bit belatedly that my train would be departing from platform 3 in about a minute – tops! With the small ounce of energy I had I rushed to catch it. This meant I did a quick hobble up the escalator. All the while I ignored my damaged foot, tired bones and weary body. I heard the whistle. I saw the doors close just I had reached them. I quickly pressed the large “open” button. My full faith believing it would open, like it had before. But it wasn’t to be. In full view of the people who could easily change my fate, my countenance fell visibly as I realised they would not oblige. I was to be left behind. I had done my best, another could have obliged for 10 seconds and spared me 50 minutes but chose not to. Feelings of rejection, unfairness, disillusionment washed over me as my aching foot reminded me of the debt I now owed with little to show.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/freedigitalimage.net
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/freedigitalimage.net

How many times could this story act as a metaphor for your life? How many times have things been an almost, despite putting all of you into it? I was almost  promoted, I almost got that job? I almost got married? I almost stayed married? I almost got chosen? As difficult as those moments are God still speaks to us if we will listen. If we don’t listen we can easily resort to blame:

These train people are prejudice, they don’t like purple people! They always block our progress!

It’s the devil. I am under attack!

Why me? I am always………

Every time I get anywhere someone takes it away, why bother?

I have done everything by the book, I don’t deserve this!

Secretly believing God is the enemy here. Why if He has all these powers why didn’t He help me? He helps others but not me. Spiraling deeper into the vicious blame cycle, establishing the victim throne, complete with headquarters and command center.  Dethroning the true and only King.

God is in the moment

As I write this post my foot still aches and the fact remains I missed the train but I caught the next train and when I stopped to listen to the King He revealed to me the mystery of missing the train.  Find Him in the moment.

He uses all things

Had I not missed it I would probably not have written this blog. In that moment God opened His hand and showed me how He uses alllllll things. He showed me that He is so much bigger than the moment. Ask Him to open your eyes to what He is doing.

When we are victims we miss the train twice

I had hardly caught the revelation of the moment when the next train arrived. This time I was ready and boarded first. How many times have we missed the train twice because we were too busy dwelling on the “missed train” instead of looking for God’s revelation in that moment and waiting on Him for His next opportunity? I shudder to think how often this happens in my own life. Pray that you do not ‘miss the train’ twice.

As this year draws to a close and you review what has been and what has not been trust that God will, can and does use all things for the glory of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

God bless.

Leave a comment below of how you have overcome ‘missing the train’. It blesses others.

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